Past Results

Nyami & Jaanybarr 36.1km Honour Roll

The following people have completed the Mercedes-Benz Coffs Coast Garluunnggi Buluunggal-gundi Nyami (First female of the Creek) and Garluunnggi Buluunggal-gundi Jaanybarr (First male of the Creek):

  • Clare Palmer – Garluunnggi Buluunggal-gundi Nyami (First Female of the Creek and overall winner for 2022)
  • Andrew McDonald – Garluunnggi Buluunggal-gundi Jaanybarr (First Male of the Creek for 2022)
  • Nick Newling
  • Phillip Viles
  • James Davis
  • Melissa Bulloch
  • Robert Fish
  • Henry Sheehan
  • Hayley Nichols
  • Jamie Stammers
  • Lance Zieltjes
  • Grant Colliar
  • Melissa Lee
  • Peter Timothy
  • Chris George
  • Cameron Mannering
  • Sarah Black
  • Karen Woon Cheung Chan

Edward Brazier is the only person to complete all 10 Coffs Harbour Running Festival events and has completed the half marathon in each of the events.